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How it works

Your product, your data, your way

Insytful gives you the tools to gauge the quality and overall performance of your website, promoting accessibility and great online experiences for all visitors - of all accessibility requirements.
The scanning technologies we use can support single or multiple websites. The service performs periodic scans in the background at a frequency of your choosing.
Both positive scores and performance issues are reported back to you in an informed and actionable way, giving you and your team the autonomy on what to do next.

Take action

Fix it in one place, fix it everywhere. Our scanning technologies inform and advise you when common issues have been identified. You will be given the tools and advice on how to address these - from adapting your content to fixing broken components in your CMS.

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Ethical Ai

Any red flags that are raised and advice that is given meet best practices for web and WCAG standards - to give the best experience for your users.

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A well-oiled workflow

Insytful is versatile when it comes to roles, permissions and approvals. Assign individual roles and teams to oversee their own domains.

Stay on top of governance with review and ownership controls. Tracking new and resolved performance issues with your site over time is easy.


Ready to give it a try?

We can arrange a face-to-face demonstration, video demonstration or provide you with a cloud installation for you to try out.