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Insytful features

Insytful is a web governance tool, designed to improve digital experiences. The platform uses a selection of industry-leading tools and its own scanning technologies to score your web accessibility, performance, usability, and SEO ranking.

Accessible content

Insytful provides the tools that help make your content accessible to everybody – regardless of how they use the web.


For always-on assistance on every page, the ‘help’ component is available. From best practices, breakdown of industry terminology, or general tips on how to get the best use of the product - we’ve got you covered.


Insytful identifies all available file formats during a site scan. Whether it finds documents, media or open text files, it can easily identify any problematic, duplicated or oversized assets.

CMS integration

Easily transition from Insytful straight into your CMS. Take action and make changes with a direct route into individual instances in the CMS to make rapid content updates.


For items such as company-specific terminology, product names, or acronyms specific to your teams - creating a dictionary is an ideal way to capture the items that would otherwise get flagged as spelling mistakes. Multiple dictionaries are available for multilingual content.

Improving site speeds

Our performance scans inform of any areas your site may be underachieving in its loading times and performance - and ways you can improve it.

CMS Deeplinking

Multi-project management

With one Insytful subscription, you can scan multiple websites. There are no limits to the number of sites you can audit in Insytful, simply add the URLs and start comparing scores.


Depending on the needs of your business, Insytful can audit every page on your website every week. From here you can view the detailed usability report for any page. This is particularly useful when targeting pages that are affecting overall accessibility and performance scores for your site.

PDF accessibility

Site scans identify PDFs and other document types that are being hindered by accessibility and readability issues. The results also recognise and advise of any duplicates, documents that may be oversized or corrupted that need attention and are affecting your site speeds.

Readability score

Insytful uses a number of readability formulas that assess all of your content and provide approximate reading levels against national averages. This service can help curate highly legible content that best suits your site-specific demographics.

Roles and Permissions

Create roles that give users the permissions they need to do their jobs. Quickly grant groups of users permission to perform specific workflow actions, or revoke them altogether.

Content auditing and reporting

Identify bottlenecks and content quality problems with in-depth reports on your content. Expose the pages that may require additional work such as alleviating readability issues, broken links or grammatical errors.

Score cards

Scan results are displayed in score cards on the Insytful platform. The score cards use a traffic light-style alerting system with scores out of 100 to easily communicate site performance. At a glance, your team can see how well your site is performing at both a high level and a page level.


Surface all your content – entries, assets, and external content – in one combined search. Adjust search weighting to make sure that users find the most relevant content.

Section switcher

Insytful can perform context-specific scans by splitting your page content into sections. By creating sections on a page Insytful can release more accurate data. This feature works well when assigning teams and roles to specific responsibilities.


Track your improvements with graphs and interactive charts in Insytful’s visual insights dashboard. Set benchmarks, see your performance progress over time, and weed out new or unresolved issues.

User management

Restrict access to a whole website or specific password-protected areas Validate email addresses and send confirmation emails for enhanced security. Allow users to update their profile information when logged in.

Scheduled scans

Insytful scans your website(s) on a monthly cycle by default, identifying areas of improvement and measuring your site(s) performance. Scan dates and frequency can be modified depending upon your requirements.